Bunking in together…

We finally bit the bullet and bought the kids bunk beds.

We’d been on the lookout for a while, having searched the furniture stores and not being entirely happy with what we saw (or the prices). So we ended up finding our new beds on eBay and picked them up on Sunday.

They are in great condition despite being in need a little bit of a ‘spit and polish’. But the eagerness of hubby and the kids could not be ignored, so they were assembled straight away and the cosmetic surgery has been postponed until school holidays!

So here is the new bedroom, complete with chests of drawers and wardrobes with clothes rather than just stuff. (Sorry about the bad photo quality)



And now that the tall boys are out of the playroom, their is more floor space for playing! The wardrobe now contains extra toys so the kids can pull them out if they want (or more importantly, I can put things away so that not everything is out!) We even moved the drawing table into this room, which has always lived near our computer desk. So hopefully the kids are happy to sit in here to draw.


All in all, I’m really happy with the decision and and the result, and the kids are loving the bunks. Last night, Alex asked every 5 minutes “Is it bedtime yet?”


6 thoughts on “Bunking in together…

  1. I loved my bunk bed as well! Well except that my sis and I were constantly fighting over who gets to sleep on the upper deck!

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