I watched “The Voice” the other night and listened to how passionately everyone spoke about music. It’s like they were high on some incredible drug. Music had made everyone euphoric!

While I enjoyed the songs and performances, it’s the kind of show I don’t care if I miss. Music isn’t in my soul. I was the kid who needed silence to study when all my friends had the radio playing in the background. I have songs stored in my phone that I rarely listen to and I can go days without turning on the radio.

I thought about what made me euphoric. What made my heart sing? Words and photos. I tried to think about which one I preferred, which I felt more strongly about, and I couldn’t choose. Both speak volumes to me. I can get lost in a book just as much as I can stand and admire a dramatic black and white landscape photograph.

My WordPress Reader is taken up equally with witty, parenting blogs and incredibly artistic photographic blogs. And for myself, I take equal pleasure in writing a blog post as I do getting behind the camera.

I’ve told the story of Megan and Alex’s lives for nearly two years through M&As World. I’ve used words to describe how they are growing and changing. And now I’ll add to that with a bit of a photographic history. Below are some of my absolute favourite photos of the kids. They are favourites for different reasons, but I think they illustrate Megan and Alex and just how much they have developed into beautiful little people (and you’ll see my love of black and white photos while Alex was growing!)


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