Bushwalking with kids…

Yesterday we took Megan and Alex to the YouYangs Regional Park for a bush walk. We have gone on a few gentle walks before, but this was the first uphill hike. (Is it still a hike if it’s on a proper trail?) Either way, I have to say the kids did better than I expected.

We started off having lunch at the picnic spot near “Big Rock” (imaginative name, I know!) We often drive past the YouYangs on our way to Geelong and Big Rock is what draws my eye. You can see it from miles away. The kids LOVED climbing over the large volcanic boulders here and running across the massive rocks in the open space.

I was a bit hesitant as we got closer to the edge of Big Rock (there was no barrier, you see) and Megan just refused to go out there.  The boys had no problems with the drop off, but Mike was under strict instructions to keep Alex firmly on solid ground! And the 180degree view of the outskirts of Geelong was fantastic.

enjoying the view!

enjoying the view!

Since the kids had so much energy and were having a great time climbing, we thought we’d try the walk to the top of Flinder’s Peak. The trail marker said 1 hour return, so I had hoped it wasn’t that far to the top. Haha, silly me! There were lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of stairs.


Alex was a trooper and just kept going like the Energiser Bunny. Megan was the flat battery in comparrison! She complained of sore legs very soon, and we made frequent rest stops along the way. **Side note**This gave me a good opportunity to play around with my camera which I deliberately brought along. My main goal was to get the ‘subject in focus, blurry background’ style of shot which takes a bit of work with my good-but-not-great camera. I got a few that I was happy with.

Mike and I hiked the YouYangs many years ago and I remember being puffed when we reached the top, so I’m not surprised we didn’t make it all the way. We called it quits about 1km into our trek, with about 700m still to go. Coming down was equally taxing- firstly on the old knees going down all those steps, but more so on my arms and shoulders. Holding Alex’s hand was partly to keep him from running the whole way down but also keeping him upright as his not-watching-where-he-put-his-feet/jumping-over-steps way of getting to the bottom had him tripping most of the way. Ahhhh, to be a 3yr old indestructable boy!!

The kids seemed to love the whole day (even saying to their nana later that they “went to nature today!”) and seemed happy with the suggestion of coming back and trying to make it to the top….when they were a bit older!

Almost made it to the top!

Yep, up there…we almost made it up there!

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