The oldies may not be the goodies anymore…

We’ve been slowly making our way through the Disney Collection, making Friday or Saturday nights our family Movie Night. It’s been lovely to create and continue this tradition, with popcorn and milkshakes and cuddling on the couch. We started this weekend ritual back in November and have worked our way from recent movies like Up and The Rise of The Guardians, all the way back into the Disney vaults with Cinderella and Peter Pan.

peter pan

But I feel like a film critic lately, judging the content and storylines of the old Disney films. I know many are based on books, and even nowadays filmmakers have trouble fitting everything from the film into a 90-120 minute movie. But the really old Disney movies jump around the plot and upbruptly end. The kids have love them all, but in my opinion, the old movies just aren’t up to scratch.

Perhaps it’s because these days “KIDS movies” also have an element of adult content (since the adults usually accompany the kids to see them at the cinema). Perhaps we are so jaded and ‘seen it all before’ that annimators and scrip writers need to create high quality cinematic masterpieces each and every time.

I’m sure in 1937 when Snow White was released, children and adults alike marvelled at the wonder of the movie. Again in 1967, families probably raved about The Jungle Book.

And maybe when Megan or Alex have their own movie nights and show their kids ‘old cartoons’ like The Incredibles or A Bug’s Life, they will laugh at the anitquated annimation and storylines.

But I hope their own kids will still love those movies just like mine do now, possibly more so because they are hanging with Mum and Dad and staying up later than bedtime!


4 thoughts on “The oldies may not be the goodies anymore…

  1. Alfred Hitchcock was considered a master of suspense – I wouldn’t even consider watching Psycho for years knowing it would probably stop me from ever taking a shower again. Another was Birds – however when my kids watched it they laughed all the way through it and felt none of the suspense. Today’s movies are so graphic, leaving nothing to the imagination that I think, as an audience, we become inured to all that we see and forget our imaginations.

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