Toy room change-up…

toy room panarama


The move to have the kids share a bedroom has been a great decision. Both Megan and Alex have loved being close to the other.

But changing the now-spare bedroom into a playroom hasn’t been as successful. Having all the toys in one room with a close-able door has been great, but the kids don’t use it. They rarely go in the to play…and that was the whole idea!

It could be because their days are so busy during the week, that we allow them chill-out time in front of the TV in the afternoon. But that doesn’t explain why they don’t play in there on the weekends.

It could also be because there isn’t much floor space to actually play. We have plans to get the kids into bunk beds soonish, which means their chests of drawers can move into the bedroom also. This will free up more space in the toy room for playing.

I’m hoping that it isn’t because they don’t know how to play. I’m hoping that I don’t need to set up activities for them, or even have to sit down with them to play. (See my earlier post for my thoughts on that!!)

I’ve gone through some of the kids’ toys and bagged up what I never see them playing with, ready to pass onto the Salvos. Perhaps this clean out will prompt them to start using the room, or at least start a discussions that allows us to find out why they don’t play in there.

Time will tell!


16 thoughts on “Toy room change-up…

  1. The room looks lovely! I hope it’s just because they aren’t used to playing in there. Congrats on bagging up the unused toys. That’s been on my list of things to do for months…
    I did recently create more floor space in my son’s playroom and he seemed to be excited about that. Good luck!

  2. Love it! It looks great. 🙂
    I have found that my children (when they were young anyway) responded VERY well to having something set up for them. When things are neatly organized, sorted, and put away, kids are far less likely to get things out to play (which stinks! 😛 ) But simply getting something out and setting it up to look engaging helps a LOT! Set up a few puzzles, with pieces turned right side up and the boxes positioned to look at…Put masking tape on the floor, as roads/parking lots/airport, etc and place vehicles nearby…Set up the play barn with all the animals…or the train set.
    Or set up pretend play, like a restaurant, bank, hair salon with stuffed animals as the “customers”. A few minutes from you can provide lots of playtime for them! 😉

  3. The room looks nice! Agree with Valerie, having all the toys packed nicely away just doesn’t work for my kids. They prefer to have everything out where they can see them 🙂

    • Yeah that’s what we were trying to avoid. Until recently all the toys were stored in the lounge room, but now the toys out of sight in the playroom. It seems the kids like being in the lounge more than they like their toys!!

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