When I was at uni, we often had to read lengthy journal articles that were very jargon-y. Lots of incredibly complex sentences that needed to be deciphered before you could begin to understand them. When I have to read that sort of stuff now, my brain curls into the foetal position and starts to rock!

They often threw around ‘meta’ words. metacognition meant thinking about your own thinking, metalinguistics was something like the language of language. I assume the word meta means about itself, so I am about to create my own word…..

metablogging the act of blogging about blogging. (patent pending!!)

Most of my posts here at M&AsWorld are about the kids, our family and our lives. But occasionally I want to acknowledge the beautiful blogging community who have welcomed me openly, respond to my posts and invite me into their own bloggy-worlds. I like to let everyone know that I appreciate your presence in this part of my life, that has taken off and been much more rewarding than I ever thought possible. Essentially this blog is a record of my kids, for my kids one day. But the fact that I can share it along the way is a blessing I never expected.

So this will be my new category, a new tag…METABLOGGING. When you see it, you’ll know there is either some introspection or heartfelt blogosphere love coming your way!


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