Choosing schools…

We went to our first Prep information session tonight and I’m not sure what I thought of it.

Not because I didn’t like the school. On the contrary, it seemed really good. But I think this is a situation where too much information isn’t helpful.

Coming from the school environment, Mike and I already knew lots of the information they spoke about and I sort of tuned out. Not good on my part. But I don’t know what exactly I was looking for or expecting, since I already do know things like curriculum, routines etc. because all of that is pretty standard across Victorian government schools, with slight variations along the way.

So seeing as none of that stuff is new to us, what do we base our decision on?

Facilities? Play spaces? positives and negatives with facilities tonight. A small gym but they had a swimming pool which got me excited! There didn’t seem to be many large play spaces for the kids and the principal said they were a growing school with new classrooms being delivered as needed. Did that mean play space would be chewed up to make room for classes? Kids need space to run and burn off energy so they can sit still in class.

Approachability of staff? The feel we get in the school? The session was very informal and the staff were happily chatting to everyone. The school captains even took us on a tour and spoke confidently about their school. It was a very friendly and relaxed vibe, I thought.

Availability of before and after school care? Yep, all good there.

Is it the right fit for us? Will they make Megan comfortable and nurture her and her learning? And Alex too? He is a totally different kettle of fish! They both loved playing with all the activities tonight, but in a real classroom setting things could be different.

Oh, I don’t know 😦

Maybe we need to visit more schools to start a good comparison. But again I still don’t know what I’m looking for. Maybe once we’ve looked around a bit more, we’ll just know πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Choosing schools…

  1. It’s a tough decision. When I was scouting around for G’s school, I looked specifically for those with a large outdoor compound. I’m not sure if you can go down during school hours to see how the other kids interact with the teachers, for me that was a very good gauge of teacher quality. Then I brought G along to see how the teachers interacted with him. A long process, but worth it.

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