Something to do, not something to have…

What do you get a girl for her birthday that has all she needs, and has many toys that she never plays with?

Simple answer….NOTHING! Cruel parents, aren’t we?? 🙂

For Megan’s birthday this year, she isn’t getting a gift wrapped up in wrapping paper, instead she is having a day full of experiences.

Before the cull...

Before the cull…


She made a list of all the things that she might like to do for her birthday, then we asked her to narrow it down to just 5 (since she is turning 5 yrs old).

So, the run down of the day is going to look like this…

Breakfast at home: Bacon and Eggs (is that not the best birthday Brekky ever?? Great choice kiddo!)

  1. Swimming at the pool where Alex does his lessons.
  2. Go to the hairdresser: Megan is always jealous of Alex when he gets to have his hair cut (despite wanting to have long hair). So she is going to get her hair washed, dried and just a trim at the real hairdresser!
  3. A picnic lunch at the park: hopefully the end of June will bring us a sunny day for this instead of wind or rain!)
  4. Going to the Movies: luckily her birthday falls at the start of the school holidays, so we are guranteed to have a kids’ movie to see.
  5. Dinner at a restaurant: and what was her restaurant of choice?? McDonalds!!! Yes, of all the restaurants around, she chose Maccas. I was hoping for something a little classier, but it’s her birthday, not mine 😦

And that’s Megan’s birthday present. A day spent doing all the things she wants to do. It won’t actually be on her birthday, as Mike will be at work and she still wants to spend her birthday at Kinder and Mother’s Group. So it’ll be on the Saturday 2 days after the actual day. Despite this, she’s excited about it and it means no scratching our heads trying to think of an appropriate gift for her, but getting to enjoy spending time together as a family.

7 thoughts on “Something to do, not something to have…

  1. Great idea! Perhaps I’ll ask C what she would like on the list, but I suspect going to the beach will definitely be there. And a heart shaped rainbow cake..

  2. I love this! I’ve just popped over from picklebums. Such a great idea. We’re going out to dinner for my almost seven year old’s birthday, in lieu of a party (well we were – she has chickenpox, so we’ll have to put it off a bit now – easier than postponing a party though!), but I love the idea of a whole day of her choices as her present. I might put that idea to my kids for their next birthdays.

    • Thanks for dropping by! She loved being able to choose what she wanted to do, being in control! And when we ask her about it she knows exactly what she picked.
      Hope your daughter gets better soon!

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