Leaf Fights and Scooters…

Today is the first Sunday of the month, and that means Gisborne Market. Hubby and I have been visiting this market for years, and I went with my parents fo years before that.

It’s got a real country craft market feel, with beautiful products. We go there purely for the handmade soap from one particular stall, but stay for the atmosphere.

Another drawcard for this market is that it right next to my favourite park. It’s full of beautiful sprawling oak trees that throw delicious shade in the hot weather and make gorgeous autumn leaves around this time of the year. Lots of picnic tables, a playgfround for the kids, wide open grassed spaces and paths that meander through the trees and along the creek. It’s got it all!

The kids have been hassling me to go to the local park for a scoot, so when we were heading to Gisborne market I thought “Why not take the scooters there?”

Scooting to the market

Scooting to the market

It was too crowded to scoot among the stalls but perfect as we took our sausage sizzle lunch to the park.

We ate in the fleeting late-Autumn sunshine then the kids had races on their scooters or on foot. They found an area full of huge leaves to jump in, bury themselves, and we even had a leaf fight (the closest thing we get to a snowball fight!!)

Run up...

Run up…





...and land!!

…and land!!


Burying Alex!

Burying Alex!


Leaf Fight!!!

Leaf Fight!!!


Yet another wonderful time spent in an absolutely beautiful part of nature.


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