Apart from the book I’m reading at the moment (re-reading my favourite book for the umpteenth time-purely to erase the horrible rendition of it in movie form), I dont get much chance to read books anymore. Party due to time contrainsts and partly coz I have just a few favourite authors who have no books out at the moment.

Instead, I’m satisfying my reading cravings with blogs. Mainly Mummy-blogs with a large dose of humour mixed in, a few photography blogs and the odd gardening site. And I love it. Short and sweet, keeping up with the lives of people I don’t know.

But even they are getting taken over by life. I subscribe to many blogs and get email updates of new posts. Most of these I have to ignore and delete. Not because I dont want to read them….no… more so because I DO want to read them! I get loads of emails while at work and the title of a funny toddler incident is just too tempting to ignore. And then I get distracted which is never a good thing for me 😦

So this week I sadly deleted them all from my inbox and now I REALLY look forward to reading them in peace a quiet, huddled up in bed with my iPad, blogs and a hot cup of Milo!!

5 thoughts on “Reading…

  1. Oh yeah, I can see how getting emails would be tempting, especially while at work! So, are you just using the Reader, then? 🙂 I only get one email notification for a blog I follow because she is no longer on WordPress; everyone else I see on the Reader. 🙂

  2. I totally hear you… I agree with Valerie, the reader does help with getting quick snippets of posts. Then in the back of your mind you have the ones you really want to go back to. Good thing is, they’ll most likely always be there so you can always catch up on them when you have spare time!

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