How will she cope…?

In a little over 8months Megan will be starting school. Even though I know she is totally ready for school next year (in fact she could start now), I’m not sure how she will cope with being at school all day.

Megan is into her second term of Kindergarten, and she comes home exhausted. Utterly spent. She has a great day at Kinder and her teachers say she is doing really well, but she comes home and crashes. Lounging on the couch in front of the TV is the best way to spend her after-kinder-noons.

Sometimes she falls asleep on the couch, but if not, she is so miserable/tired/cranky/irritable/nasty that we are all begging for bed by 6pm. Dinner is a struggle because she is too miserable/tired/cranky/irritable to eat anything that is not exactly what she wants.

How will she manage next year? This is only Kindergarten, where there is a lot more freedom of choice. How will she cope with a day of having almost no say in what she gets to do, having to think a lot harder and for longer?

Is there a sudden burst of energy when she turns five?

Will being at school provide her with the boost needed to endure all that, plus come home and read a school book and learn words as well?

Does she simply suck it up and develop the stamina needed to survive a weekday?

Or will the roles be reversed, and I will be the one explaining to her teacher that we couldn’t do any homework because she is stubbornly refusing to cooperate after a long day at school?


8 thoughts on “How will she cope…?

  1. I hope she does just fine.. I’m very interested to hear how she manages, as I’ve read about a couple of moms who are concerned about the rigors of early childhood education. My son’s 2 and does go to “school” all day, but takes a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day.

    • I’ll keep you posted 🙂 I truly hope that as this year goes on, she’ll become more accustomed to it!

      But I’ve had prep kids in my class fall asleep in the early days of the school year, so who knows 🙂

  2. My son is in Kindergarten this year. In the beginning of the year he fell asleep everyday after lunch recess when they had 20 minute rest time on mats. The teacher just had to wake him up right before it was time to leave! He is doing better now and only falls asleep occasionally!

  3. I was thinking exactly this about my boy this time last year. He is NOT a morning person and I had no idea how I would get him up five days in a row and how he would cope with those five long days…

    But while first term was sometimes difficult with a tired and grumpy kid after school and some horrible mornings, second term is so much better. He is really finding his feet, getting better with the routine and managing so much better than I thought he would. I think it helps that the only thing he has to do after school is reading (and one extra activity on a Friday so he can sleep that off over the weekend) so he still has a lot of time to just play and wind down…

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