Gimmick Food…

I think I’m thrifty, sensible with money. No… wait… actually… I’m pretty sure I’m a tight-arse.

I don’t buy gimmick food for my kids and I’m not sorry for it! There I said it.

I went grocery shopping the other day and not for the first time noticed how much gimmick food there is on the market and how many parents were grabbing loads of the stuff.

My idea of gimmick food is something that has been deliberately packaged differently to catch the attention of tired/cranky/fed up parents or, more cunningly, their screaming/nagging kids. Things like Thomas the Tank individual youghurts, Buzz Lightyear mini packs of chips, cheese that you can peel like a banana.

This must be my penny-pinching-ness coming out because my immediate thought is “Why would you bother???” Putting Buzz and Woody on the box just added $1-$2 to the price tag! We simply don’t have the disposable income at the moment to spend those extra few dollars on pictures on lids or boxes that get thrown away anyway.

It’s much cheaper to buy a 1ltr tub of youghurt and dish it into a bowl, or travel container if you are going out. Same with a big back of chips or crackers. And if you can peel cheese like a banana then it isn’t real cheese in my opinion!

I wonder if parents buy this stuff because they think the character on the front will encourage their kids to eat it? Making it fun? Maybe it’s the convenience of the small pack? Perhaps dishing out small servings yourself is too much of a pain for some people.

Well, I’ll continue to buy the bulk packs of things and dish them out into my extensive supply of plastic containers (I love them!!) and my kids will suffer the embarrasment of having plain yoghurt, or a handful of biscuits in their lunchbox!

Unless, of course… someone decides to put Ian Somerhalder on a packet of chips! Then… maybe I’ll change my mind!


15 thoughts on “Gimmick Food…

  1. Well, with working and my son going to daycare, I’m a sucker for cute little packaged organic snacks. I love your line about string cheese, though. My son will point to the Thomas the Train fruit roll ups with crazy artificial colors and I’ll say “Yes, there’s Thomas!” and keep walking. 🙂

  2. I agree! We do buy individual yogurts but not with characters and only because my Miss 2 is desperate for independence and has her own shelf in the fridge to help herself to fruit etc!

    Along the same lines of this post, I was perusing the baby aisle and noticed bottled water tht was labelled, something along the lines of, ‘water suitable for babies to drink’….ummm?!!!!!! If thats not a marketing scam I don’t know what is!!!!!

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