WordPress replaces Facebook…

Once there was a time when I was constantly on Facebook. I’d check it several times a day on my phone, like many statuses, comment on cute or funny photos that various people had posted.

But not anymore. I don’t know if I have simply moved on or its all Facebook’s fault. Since they have changed their format to include suggested posts I might like (which I don’t) or telling me about something that someone else likes (I don’t care), my news feed is mostly taken up with rubbish. (Many would say it always DID contain rubbish, but I was in love and was blind!!) Either way, Facebook is no longer the app I check in with first.

Now I’m eager to click on WordPress. To see what my favourite bloggers are up to. To reply to any comments I may have on my site. There is a desire to share more on the blog and chat with like minded people, much more than on Facebook now. I have “met” lots of cool people through blogging, here is Australia and all around the world.

Yesterday we received a postcard from Valerie at AtlantaMomofThree. We took part in a postcard exchange which was great fun, coz we never get mail that isn’t bills anymore!! The kids loved looking at the pictures on the front and it was nice for me to read about what this American family liked to do in their city (not-so-surprisingly they do the things that we do!)

It’s nice to connect with people who also deal with dinner refusals and out-of-the-blue tantrums rather than whether this filtered, pouty selfie looks better than the last 5 uploaded!!


Atlanta Georgia!


15 thoughts on “WordPress replaces Facebook…

  1. So glad you got it! 😀 I thought your kids would like a glittery postcard. 😉
    I seriously love WordPress…it’s so easy to find others with the same interests and lifestyles. Never done FB but I don’t think I’m missing anything. ha

  2. I can’t let Facebook go…just yet!!! It annoys me no end but I’m still hooked! Shamed to say I only discovered Reader this week so am only just starting to find new blogs and keep track of blogs – I am getting hooked and perhaps will soon replace facebook …. Maybe 😉

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