The half-year imbalance…

I read somewhere recently about this theory of the ‘half-year imbalance’ not the proper term, but if you know what it is please share!!

Basically it said that a child’s emotional state is somehow linked to the half-year before or after turning a particular year. Clear as mud, right??

So as Megan is heading towards turning 5, the 6 months leading up to it are emotionally turbulent.

And Alex, who has recently turned 3, is in the relatively calm emotional time between 3 and 3-and-a-half.

The wave is most rocky in the half year leading up the next birthday- with particular unsettled-ness for kids coming up to the ages of 4 & 5.

I wasn’t sold at first, but then I recognised more crying and miserable-ness in Alex at the end if last year heading towards turning 3, and he has really settled down emotionally these past few months (temper tantrums aside).

But now there is no end to the tears and “oh my god the world is coming to an end” Megan as she rockets towards 5.

It could be a load of rubbish. Who knows?

But….. if it is true …..

…..thank god my kids’ birthdays are 6 months apart and we don’t have to deal with 2 emotional wrecks at the same time!!!!!!


9 thoughts on “The half-year imbalance…

  1. I read the same thing a LONG time ago, and I assure you it was veeeerrrryyyy true for my daughter. Hasn’t been quite so true with my son but he is more balanced all around anyway. 🙂 Boys are such a handful, but in my experience, easier in the emotional/dramatic department! 😉 Love them both, of course! I’ve told them to stop growing and getting older because it is just going by too fast! 😦

  2. Someone was just telling me about this concept recently…that those half-years are actually the tumultuous times. It makes sense in a way. Like you, my childrens’ birthdays are six months apart, so I get to have lots of fun year-round. 🙂

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