Clocking off…

I am about to clock off my longest parenting shift ever, and I cant wait.

What’s that you say?? “You’re a Mum, you can’t ever clock off!”

True, but since Saturday I’ve been Mum AND Dad and I’m tired.

Tired of doing everything. Tired of having to remember everything. **Side Note** I remember and do almost everything anyway, but having to think of those few things that aren’t usually my responsibility have worn me out.

Being constantly ON and not getting any down time until the kids are asleep, is a really long time of ON-ness.

Hats off to all those single parents out there, or those whose partners travel regularly enough to make them semi-single parents.

It’s full on! And it hasn’t even been that bad. The kids have been good while hubby was away, they haven’t been sick and neither have I. I can imagine any of those things would make a single parent want to run away and leave it all behind.

So, Hubby, I hope you are reading this on your way home from your school camp (in Queensland, mind you!.) I know you have been dealing with a bus load of teenagers for 6 days, but if you are thinking you will be getting a break when you get home…think again!

We have two little pre-schoolers who are DYING to spend some quality time with their dad, while mum switches off and closes the door…!


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