Car sickness…

Over the Summer we have made several car trips, which have taken us down a long, sometimes bumpy road which has caused Alex to get car-sick.

The ride is long enough for the kids to sleep, wake up and still get sick.

We’ve been caught on the freeway, meaning we’ve had to pull over to the side for the enormous car, car seat and little boy clean-up. We’ve made it all the way to the beach and then been struck. Once he timed it so that we could pull over to a fast-food carpark and deal with the mess.

Today we travelled down this same road and almost had the same result. I was prepared this time, though, with a bucket next to the little bloke and strict instructions to grab it if he felt yucky. He did grab it at one point, which meant about 5kms of me checking my rear-view mirror for signs of a green face and immenent vomit. Luckily the feeling passed and Alex was fine.

I don’t quite understand the circumstances of his car-sickness though. We can make trips of a similar distance/time and he’s fine.

It is certainly linked to this particular road, so perhaps its the bumpy surface and sometimes twisty route it takes. Perhaps the closer to breakfast we leave, the worse he gets. We’ve stopped allowing yoghurt for breakfast before driving on this road after one particularly pongy clean up!

If I knew what the conditions were that set him off, I could plan for it. But I’m not really looking forward to testing these theories to see what causes his car-sickness. I just need to get in before it hits again.

Any suggestions that a 3 year old boy will actually follow? Any tried and tested remedies?


2 thoughts on “Car sickness…

  1. I get car sickness and it sucks. There are things that set me off more than others they are:
    – being too warm(BIG ONE. This one gets me on all modes of transport!)
    – being tired or run down
    – hungry or too full
    – getting too distracted then stopping watching where I am going (unbalancing inner ear)

    Things that help
    -being cool(maybe cooling neckband thing)
    -chewing something(worked on alyssa on the great ocean road when she as super sick, over heated and overtired. Gave her mints which she hated but it gave her something to focus on.)
    -having a back up plan (vomit bags from chemist fit nicely into glove box- again worked on alyssa)
    -having a drink available

    Hope that helps a little.

    • Great tips! Thanks so much Liz!

      We have been using “tummy biscuits” which are just dry crackers and they work for Megan, but I didn’t want to let them eat too much in case it triggered vomit. But maybe the chewing does help!! Ill keep the other stuff in mind too!

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