Lego Finder…

It’s been hot here for quite a while now. Hot enough to not be able to go outside. Hot enough to not want to do much inside either.

After Kinder today, the kids grabbed out the big bag of Lego and started digging. it’s never too hot for Lego!

I’ve said before that I really don’t like playing that kind of things with the kids. (Love watching them, hate joining in)

But coz there wasn’t else much going on, I became the “Lego Finder”. I think it sound rather impressive and might look good on my résumé!

At the moment, the kids aren’t up to having a Lego design in mind that they want to build, rather, I found something interesting and they added it to their house shell.



Megan eventually had me in search for as many letters as possible so she could post them in the mail box!



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