How do you blog…?

I don’t deliberately look for things to blog about. They just pop into my head, usually as I am winding down ready for sleep.

I ponder the day that has just been and a thought or moment will make me think “I want to remember that”. While I’d like to document every part of Megan and Alex’s lives, I have to surrender some parts to the black hole that is my memory, and hope that they will one day resurface!

Sentences stream into my head about the event as if I am reading them on a page. I might change the cadence, tweak things here or there, but I usually keep it word for word.

The idea will tumble and bump about in my mind until I have written it down. There is no point trying to sleep until it is all out.

As a kid I used to have a notebook beside my bed. Nowadays, out comes the laptop or iPad or phone.

Once everything has been documented, it’s like the ghost has been laid to rest. The salve has been applied.

My mind can relax and I can slowly drift off to sleep.

How about you? How do you blog?


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