Windy-kid Syndrome…

Huh? Windy-kid Syndrome? Am I making this up?

Many parents and teachers are shaking their head with a knowing smile, picturing exactly what Windy-Kid Syndrome looks like!

I’m sure it’s some kind of chemical reaction that happens inside kids’ brains when it gets windy. Not a gentle breeze, we are talking a full-on gusty wind. Something switches even the loveliest of kids into crazy, ratty, hyped up monsters!

I think I first heard about this condition when I was at Uni…and I thought it was a load of crap! As if something like that could be real, as if wind could alter kids…

But my, oh my, it’s real!

And I saw so many examples of it today, at school and in my own little cherubs.

Perhaps the wind flows into their ears and they need to expell a thousand times more energy by running around and yelling to get it out again.

And it takes skill and loads of patience to calm these crazies down. Growling doesn’t work, neither does reminding them of expected behaiour.

At school, 15-20 minutes of quiet sitting (with a book is great) is the best method I have found to allow that pent-up energy and excitement to seep out of them. Dead fish would be great too, I reckon! Do these work with Alex, sadly no!!

I wonder how many other childrens’ conditions there are out there, with no medical basis whatsoever, but definately real??


4 thoughts on “Windy-kid Syndrome…

  1. I am a true believer and, just for the record, dogs suffer from ‘wind in the tail’ syndrome. One ohter one that springs to mind for kids is the effect of the full moon on their sleep and behaviour. After the moon has been bright in the night sky, I’ll release the werewolves out the back door and let them run free even if it’s windy.

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