They’re together….for now…..

Yesterday we bit the bullet and changed the kids’ rooms around so that they are sharing a bedroom.

The switch was relatively easy, well for me, coz I’ve been sick so Mike did most of the work!

empty room

Moving the furniture was the quick part. Sorting out (and throwing out) the toys was the lengthy part of the move.

messy room

But the finished product has been great so far! The kids were a bit excited last night and had trouble getting to sleep, but they stayed asleep and didn’t wake up any earlier than usual.


toy room panarama

And so far they have been keen to stay in the “playroom” with their toys. Hopefully it stays that way and we can go back to having a semi-tidy house!

kids playing


4 thoughts on “They’re together….for now…..

  1. So glad it’s working out… I’ve been trying to get Scott to go for this idea and he hasn’t agreed thus far, but maybe I’ll show him your blog!!

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