Bunking in together…

Hubby and I have been toying with the idea of getting the kids to share a bedroom.

We have a small-ish 3 bedroom house and currently the kids have a room to themselves.

At the moment, they spend no time in their rooms apart from sleeping. They have toys and books and comfy chairs in each room but all daylight hours are spent in the other parts of the house.

The kids are close in age (18months apart) and are usually great friends. We often get requests to have sleepovers in the others’ room and they have a ball. This was the initial reason for putting them together.

Upon further thinking, though, freeing up that other bedroom and turning into a toy/playroom makes good sense.

Some bedroom-y furniture would need to go in the ‘spare’ room, but the idea of them playing in a separate room and containing the toys is very tempting. I could close the door on the mess and pretend it isn’t there. Or better yet, hand over control to the kids…. Your room= your responsibility to tidy!

Deciding which room will be the bedroom and which will be the toy room is tricky one.

Alex’s room can get hot during the day and the split system air-con doesn’t make it down there as easily as it does to Megan’s. So it would be better for his to be the sleeping room, while the kids play in a cooler room during the day.

But since Alex’s room is further down the hallway, it’d be better for it to be the toy room, so they can play noisily/ happily without disturbing us (and vice versa). And any mess will be further out of sight, even if the door isn’t closed.

Luckily, Mike and I love shuffling things around in the house, so if things don’t work out, it’s not a huge burden to swap things around or even put it all back.

Think we’ll give it a try tomorrow and see how it all goes……


Tell me your thoughts... Go on, really, please tell me!

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