Two hats for my two heads…

No, I’m not a character from a science fiction film (I was going to write Tasmanian, but that would just be mean!).

My two-headed-ness is referrring to the two sides of the fence I’ll be on tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the first day for my new Preppies. I’ll be the teacher saying, “They’ll be fine” or possibly even  “You’ll be fine!” to emotional parents as they send their babies off to their first day of school. Sometimes kids cry as their mums’ and dads’ leave. Often parents cry as we usher them out the door to get the kids settled and beginning their schooling journey (Brooksiders, don’t laugh at my use of the word ‘journey’, please!!).

But then in the afternoon, I’ll be the parent, getting Megan ready for her first day of BIG kindergarten. She went to 3yr old kinder last year and I know it’s not quite the same as starting school, but it’s still the first step of her growing up and away that has me saddened.

Maybe ‘growing away’ is the wrong term. But it is the start of her spending more and more time away from me, and I’ll no longer be the centre of her universe (even though she’ll always be at the heart of mine). I’ll have to trust in our judgement of the Kindergarten, and that they’ll understand and nurture my little girl who is growing up much faster than I thought possible.

So the two hats I need to wear are actually interchangable. I need my parent hat on while I’m at school, so that I can empathise with teary Mums and Dads as they wave goodbye (for the hundredth time!) to their Preppy kids.

And I need my teacher hat on as Megan starts BIG kinder, so that I can see the wonderful experiences and learning she will have, completely in someone elses’ care and control.


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