Mane of Gold…

I hated my hair as a teenager. Hated it with a passion!

Why would I want the one feature that makes you stand out from EVERYONE else?
“Linda… You know, the one with RED hair…”

From about 14 yrs of age I tried to dye it brown, blonde…even black once, but with no luck. “Red is such a strong pigment” the hairdressers cheerfully told me.

I learnt to suck it up and get over it. Couldn’t dye it, didn’t really want to shave it all off!

Now Megan has the same hair and I love it. How does that work?

I brush it and look at all the colours in it: red, blonde, gold, brown.


I look at the way the sun makes it shine and change from light to dark and everything in between.



She doesn't know her hair colour is a minority and often the butt of unsavoury nicknames (I can deal with blood-nut, but stop people at ranga. Seriously, who wants to be called a primate?)

Maybe she will love being different and smile with pride when oldies tell her they’d kill for hair like hers…


4 thoughts on “Mane of Gold…

    • She is awesome!! I’ve tried to get Megan interested in modern Disney chicks (strong females-taking control of themselves!), but she’s stuck in love with Cinderella!

  1. *Sigh* So, so pretty. Being a teen is hard enough without having a feature that makes you stand out in a crowd. Even if it’s a beautiful feature. I have always loved red hair. Oh, and freckles too. It’s seemed strange to me that these are things that those who have them would wish them away if they could! lol

    • That’s exactly right…standing out from others when you are quite shy isn’t great. But I do love it now, and I think seeing it beautiful on Megan makes me appreciate being different myself 😉

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