Alex’s first party…

Yesterday Alex had his first birthday party that was not family or close friends.

The birthday girl was one if his friends from crèche- one we know he actually plays with. (So many invites get passed around at creche but often our kids don’t even play with the birthday child)

Right up until we were in the car Alex kept saying he didn’t want to go, but once on our way he caught the party bug. If only it lasted though 😦

Just he and I went so he didn’t have Megan as a crutch or someone to follow.

He didn’t want his face painted, didn’t want to join in duck duck goose or musical statues, didn’t want ice cream cake.

He did enjoy the lunch and playing on the playground- the redeeming feature of the McDonalds party!

It was hard for me too. I don’t like making small talk with people I don’t know (I know-the more you do it, the better you get). For this reason I’m more inclined to turn down party invites, but since I knew Alex and the birthday girl were such good friends, I put my issues aside.

So I chatted a bit but mostly followed Alex around the playground or tried to coax him into joining on the party.

Once we got home, Mike asked him about the party and he said “It was a great party, Dad!”

Guess his view of a good party is different to mine!



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