Not clucky, just nostalgic…

I made a comment at Mother’s group today and people assumed I was getting clucky.

Not so….definitely not so! I do not want any more kids- let me be clear on that!!

We are well and truly done. Two was all we both wanted. Two fits nicely into our life. Two is all that we can manage financially.

With Alex beginning to use the toilet and the thought of no more nappies, the idea of beginning again makes me cringe.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be nostalgic.


I liked being pregnant. There were aspects that weren’t good of course, but all in all, it was nice. It was special.  Growing a whole new person is magical. And I won’t be doing that again.


Cuddling a newborn baby, watching first smiles, first words, first steps…. I won’t have that again…well, not THOSE firsts anyway.

Being allowed to have that special time off work with your new little bundle, guilt free and very much needed to get used to each other….not again for me.

So no, I’m not clucky and another baby is not on the horizon for us. But it is nice to reflect on how lovely that time was, and how lucky I was to bring two little people into the world.

I’m just feeling a bit nostalgic.


8 thoughts on “Not clucky, just nostalgic…

  1. I love “clucky”, so funny. I am in the same boat…second child is almost 2 and not seeming very “baby” anymore. But I cannot have more children just because I am sentimental šŸ™‚ I just keep hoping my friends have more, that works very nicely for me.

    • Yes I like that idea too. There is one last bub on the way in extended family and them I’m sure that’s the last. So I need my friends to have more!!

  2. Hehe, had to look up what “clucky” meant. Despite the fact that my son is only 7 months old, I get nostalgic too, especially when I see (and get to hold – thanks to my good friend who gave birth recently!) a newborn. I am only beginning my family though, I can imagine that the nostalgia kicks in even more when you know that your family is done growing though.

    • Yes we were very certain when we were done, but cuddling those tiny newborns is just so delicious!

      Clucky must be an Australian word! Very common here but a few people have been a bit unsure what it means šŸ™‚

  3. Aww, lovely post! I think those emotions and memories must be very common once a woman knows her family is complete. I wonder how men feel about it. ??
    Very sweet pics, btw!

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