Pocket Money…

We’ve started giving the kids pocket money…and so far so good!

I’ve also heard different ideas when it comes to pocket money.

  1. Do jobs around the house to earn a certain amount. If you don’t do your jobs, you don’t get any money.
  2. Do jobs around the house simply because you are part of the family and it is expected that everyone helps out. Get money regardless of doing those jobs.

There are aspects out of both of these methods that I like. I think kids understand the idea that if I don’t do my bit, I don’t get the other bit. This teaches the valuable life lesson of GETTING A JOB!But I also really like the concept of doing things for the good of the family. It’s the whole intrinsic/extrinsic motivator issue from my uni days!!

So we have kind of combined the two.

The kids HAVE TO keep their rooms tidy by:

  • putting shoes and toys put away
  • keeping their bed tidy, eg, doona pulled up= making their bed, and pj’s put away

and they both get $1 each weekend.

Not part of the deal and things they have to do regardless of pocket money are:

  • setting the table at dinner time
  • taking own plates/cups to the sink after a meal
  • taking own clothes to the washing baskets
  • taking creche/kinder bags to their rooms

I wondered if it was a bit too early for pocket money, for Alex especially. But Megan is very good at remembering what she has to do and Alex tends to follow her lead. The simple reminder of pocket money is enough to get them doing those few things to make my life a tad easier.

They bought a bag of lollies each on the first pay day, and a toy on the next (thank heavens for Kmart’s $1 toy range!). Neither like the idea of saving this week’s money to use next week, but that is fine.

I think we can stick to $1 until they start to realise there is such thing as $2 and notes!!


One thought on “Pocket Money…

  1. Ooo, how much fun!! I have such fun memories of pocket money in my beautiful white and red polka dot purse when I was little! And the counting and recounting of my coins followed by the agonies of deciding what to spend my riches on!

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