A different kind of reading…

I loved talking books as a kid. I loved listening for the chime to know when to turn the page! (The stories were good too!)
The ones I used to have were on cassette tape and things have moved on from there. I’m sure they will be available to download to iPods and MP3 players, if they aren’t already.
Though we have had a few of these book/CD packs for a while, we have never really encouraged the kids to enjoy them, until today.
Since Alex has been having long afternoon sleeps, Megan has been using this time as quiet time. And to jazz this time up a bit (and keep her entertained for longer), Mike pulled out his old CD walkman and we hooked up some old computer speakers to it…and voila!
Megan sat and listened to Disney princess, Toy Story and Sesame St stories for more than an hour, in her room with her door closed (so it didn’t wake Alex..and we didn’t disturb her **wink, wink**)
It also rekindled my own love of reading along with the CD, so I sat and read a few with Megan as well!

2 thoughts on “A different kind of reading…

  1. I grew up listening to books on tape too! I love the CHIME!! 😀
    We’ve gotten some from our library for M and J, but boy are they expensive on CD! Blah

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