I happily waved goodbye to Winter yesterday, and welcome Spring with open arms today. I didn’t have high hopes for the warm weather, but was pleasantly surprised.

With sunshine and warm days, I can legitamately kick the kids outside and say “Stay out there and get fresh air.”

They happily potter around, pull out EVERY outside toy from the toy box and then play with the same 2 or 3 they always do. Then of course, they leave all those toys scattered around the garden, to be sneakily carried away by our plastic-loving dogs to quietly chew and ruin under a bush!

Sunshine also lends itself to picnics and lazing around, both of which I suggest at every glimpse of blue sky. Today was no exception 🙂

Here are some selfies (self-portraits) we took at lunchtime today, under the lovely Spring sky.

Look at that Sun glare…Proof!!!

Except this time the glare chopped my head off!

Got him!!!!!!!

So beautiful…

Always a character….that rubber face should get him into Showbiz!
Mucking around 🙂
Really like this one….

What are the chances of another day like this for Father’s Day tomorrow???!!!??!!?!?!?!?!


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