Things I’ve learnt in the past few weeks…

Here are some important parent-related things I’ve learnt in the past few weeks. Some are trivial, some significant!

#1- You can’t make a child go to sleep. No amount of reading books, singing songs, patting, sitting in their room, growling, etc, will make an un-sleepy child sleep.

#2- That 5 minute nap in the car at 5pm WILL DEFINATELY affect their sleeping pattern and result in not going to sleep at bedtime (see #1!!)

#3- Hot weather does not seem to bother little kids like it does adults.

#4- I will never get tired of “kissing it better”.

#5- It’s difficult to present a united front to the kids when you disagree with a particular parenting technique of your partner.

#6- Child-less friends should have a few child friendly toys for when families visit. Or they should have stairs.

#7- The 3 B’s are the best toddler toys around….Balls, Bubbles, Balloons…

#8-  Balloons are fun when they are inflated, and when you make that squealy noise with the neck, but not when they pop.


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