Fun things we’ve done this week

The school holidays are nearing the end, and so to go out with a bit of a bang, we’ve been doing some extra fun things lately (mainly to stop Megan from being glued to ABC kids all day long!). Some ideas I got from a blog called Planning with Kids by a super organised mum with 5 kids (yes you heard right… organised with 5 kids!!).

We’ve made Grass Heads…no hair yet but hopefully soon!
… Bird feeders…no birds yet, but still fun…
Played with birdseed and then cleaned up afterwards…
Cooked and hung out the washing…
Gardening (aka playing with the water crystals) and shopping at Bunnings…
(and please don’t go all gender stereotyping on me…
Alex and Megan both did all of these activities…I just didn’t get photos!)
We also had a major clean out of toys, got rid of loads of plastic pieces that got used for 2 mins and then discarded and kept the ones that are played with over and over again. These tended to be the dress ups, play food and cooking, drawing boards (magnadoodle style), etc. We also kept most of the outside toys coz that’s the focus I want my kids to have…fun outdoors AWAY FROM TV as much as possible.
So that’s been the events of our family lately 🙂

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