Birthday, Christmas, Family and Friends…

Phew, what a busy week it has been! A birthday, Christmas Day and lots of catching up with family and friends.

Alex’s birthday was great. He loved being the centre of attention, especially during this frantic time when people’s minds are usually in three places at once. The beach was fantastic fun, and though not his first visit, it was the first time he really enjoyed his surroundings.

Christmas Day was easy and stress-free. We opened presents (after brekkie would you believe!!), had a lovely lunch with Nana and Grandpa and then a quiet evening playing with new toys.

And then the past few days has been time to catch up with family that we didnt see on Christmas Day (plus a visit to the movies with a friend for me, lovely!!)

Tomorrow is another visit to friends then watching the family NYE fireworks in Geelong with Aunty, Unlce and Cousin.

Then a bit of relaxing time, I hope…


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