We visited Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Travelling Show today. It appears that Megan shows her excitement the same was I did as a kid….talking the whole way in the car! She was so cute, making up her own songs in the back with the same word popping up over and over…Dorothy 🙂

She danced and boogied and had a great time. Even Alex, sick as he was, clapped along and pointed out things he liked. We even bought Megan a Dorothy toy which she loves and danced the show away with.

From a parent’s perspective, however, the show just didn’t cut it. Now.. without sounding like an X-Factor or Idol judge, I didn’t “feel it”. It’s not that is wasn’t entertaining, because clearly Megan was entertained. It just didn’t have the spark or soul that the other Wiggles show we have seen.

The price of Dorothy was considerably cheaper than the Wiggles, which was the reason we chose her over the fellas. But clearly the extra money buys the pazazz and energy at the necessary parental level as well. No point just entertaining the kids when the parents pay the entry fee!


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