Feeling Slack…

Last Friday was Alex’s final transition session at school where he got to meet his teacher for 2015. Photos taken: 0.

Alex finished creche today, after 5 years of care with lovely staff at a wonderful childcare centre. Photos taken: 0.

Wednesday will be his last day of Kinder, but we both work so we won’t be able to say goodbye to his teachers. (Expected) Photos taken: 0.

For a photo-crazy mum who documents EVERYTHING, I’m feeling pretty slack at the moment!!

How to Train Your Dragon party…

Alex’s choice of a How to Train Your Dragon party had me a bit baffled until I hit Pinterest…then I was inspired!

We had Viking long boat sandwiches, mini helmet cupcakes, dragon coloured smarties, dragon bunting, design your own shield, and a sheep toss game!

The Viking helmet cake was a hit, despite a horn breaking mid-party.











And if finished off with a spin on his new wheels!


Great Care…

Alex has been in childcare since he was 6 weeks old. His birth on Christmas Eve meant starting him at the earliest possible age for when I went back to work part time at the start of the school year in February.

The ladies at his childcare centre said they weren’t used to such a young baby and had to learn again how to look after such a little one!


But learn they did, and they haven’t stopped giving the best care to Alex during his time there. They always welcome him by name and with a big smile.

For a while this year, he attended by himself after Megan left and started school. He was so upset during those drop-offs that it was heartbreaking.

Now his cousin also attends the centre, in the same room, so he has someone to look forward to seeing every Monday. Sometimes we still get tears in the mornings at drop-off, but now that school is on the horizon, the count down of days left has also begun.


So as our time comes to an end at the centre, I wanted to give the staff a gift that showed the longevity of our time together and something to remember Alex by!



This frame shows Alex at the age (roughly) of when he started crèche and now, as he is about to head off to school. The staff, many of whom were there when Alex started, have helped him to grow into the confident little boy he is today!


A photo of my children every week, for the whole year.

I can’t believe there’s only 2weeks left of this project. What a year it’s been!

Megan: writing out Christmas cards for all 20 of her classmates. What a long process that was!


Alex: being the helpful big cousin



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