An Early Celebration…



Sunday is Father’s Day, but since my nieces’ birthday falls on that day this year, we decided to celebrate Father’s Day a day early.

Brekky in bed…


Kid made/chosen gifts are always exciting…




The effort the kids’ put in made me so proud. Megan wrote (spelled) the card all by herself and Alex did the best colouring I’ve ever seen him do!




Footy gear as a gift plus tickets to tonight’s final makes one very happy Dad!IMG_6254.JPG




A photo of my children every week, for the whole year.

Alex: is a total smoocher. He loves cuddles and always says how much he loves everybody. When we had lunch in the beautiful sunshine today, Alex crawled into my lap for cuddle, a bite to eat and a selfie. Hopefully this weather is a sign of a beautiful spring to come.



Megan: The time arrived to remove Megan’s piercing studs and put other earrings into her ears, except they have now become infected. She only had the costume jewellery in for a day but it seems to have exacerbated the infection. She is now wearing my old sleepers, but they don’t seem to be clearing up, even with antiseptic liquid and salt water washes. I thought the sleepers would be ok since I wore them as a kid. I really hope we don’t have to make a trip to the doctors for antibiotics.




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