Finally clicking…

Alex is almost 5 and starts school next year. Until now, he has avoided all drawing and writing activities at creche and kinder but I think the concept is finally clicking for him.

“To mum dad (from) Alex”

He wrote everything by himself! And drew sad faces on himself and his cousin because apparently they were missing me!


A photo of my children every week, for the whole year.

Megan lasted an hour school on her first day back after the school holidays. Slap cheek made an appearance and the vital part really knocked Megan around. It sure put a dampener on the first few days of my long service leave :(



Alex is still in love with anything to do with ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and had fun with the 3D glasses that came with a HTTYD book.


Long Service Leave…

My week of Long Service Leave has been sooooo nice!

I was just him and me, until…….

…this one got sent home from school sick after an hour on her first day of the new term!

I achieved a new personal best…2km swim!


Had a perfect start to my birthday!

Family visit to the zoo…

…and was rewarded with a butterfly encounter!

I hung out with Alex at kinder…something I really miss working full time.

Squeezed in some us time at the movies…

And managed to finish 4 books…just!

And now I face the reality of heading back to work :(

Surely someone could sponsor me to stay home full-time???

A Day in Queenscliff…

On Saturday, Melbourne put on a glorious show of spring weather. There was just no way we could stay indoors on a day like that, so we headed down to Queenscliff, to the park and beach there.

Originally, we were going to catch the ferry from Queenscliff across to Sorento, but ended up having lunch and spending the afternoon with family in Queenscliff itself instead. The kids had a ball spending time with their cousins, playing in the park and then splashing at the beach.

Of course, I took my camera, and got some fabulous shots of my beautiful niece and nephew, but I’ll keep those photos for their parents. Instead here are my kidlets…being kids!


Never too far away from a ball!


Never too old to catch bubbles!

…and never too old to catch bubbles!



Baywatch wannabe!


Not too sure about the water...

Not too sure about the water…



No, he isn't' practising diving...he doesn't like the wind rushing past his ears

No, he isn’t’ practising diving…he doesn’t like the wind rushing past his ears

The old pier in the background was our next stop. There were sooooo many fishermen (and fisherladies) on the pier, but a photo of all the rods just didn’t work out how I wanted it to. I was happy with the shots of the pier itself though.


This old shed was beautiful and screamed to be photographed.


I waited for Mike and the kids to make it out the door and took the next photo. To me, it looks like ‘heading towards  THE LIGHT!’

No fancy editing here, the bright light outside just wiped everybody out...and I love it!

No fancy editing here, the bright light outside just wiped everybody out…and I love it!


Looks like they are climbing towards heaven

Looks like they are climbing towards heaven

As we left, I tried to take some photos of the whole family with my phone, using the new selfie-timer. It was quite windy and this is one of the shots…


Yep, the phone fell over just as it counted down to one and took the photo! A nice lady saw me struggle to get the phone upright for another go and she offered to take the photo for us. It’s rare we get a GOOD photo of the whole family so I treasure this one!


Then, we rounded out the fabulous day with a drive along the coast taking the long way home. An absolute cracker of a day!


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