A photo of my children every week, for the whole year.

Alex: is a total smoocher. He loves cuddles and always says how much he loves everybody. When we had lunch in the beautiful sunshine today, Alex crawled into my lap for cuddle, a bite to eat and a selfie. Hopefully this weather is a sign of a beautiful spring to come.



Megan: The time arrived to remove Megan’s piercing studs and put other earrings into her ears, except they have now become infected. She only had the costume jewellery in for a day but it seems to have exacerbated the infection. She is now wearing my old sleepers, but they don’t seem to be clearing up, even with antiseptic liquid and salt water washes. I thought the sleepers would be ok since I wore them as a kid. I really hope we don’t have to make a trip to the doctors for antibiotics.



This Week…

The very clever mommytrainingwheels used a word to describe the week she has had…so I thought that was exactly what I needed for this hell-of-a-week I’ve had!

GOOFY: Dressing up like lego…yep Early Years teacher all the way!

SORE: headache all day long, and dealing with a class of five year olds…not fun!

TIRED: full time work is getting me down.

PROUD: my student teacher is great and I think she’ll make an awesome teacher. And she has been a lifesaver when I’ve been sick or had a headache!

AMAZED: Alex showed us he could read the words ‘mum, dad, to’ all by himself! He is sooooooo ready for school next year :)


Book Week Costumes…

As a teacher and a (sort-of) crafter, when Book Week rolls around it’s costume central in my house. And this year Megan got to join in the fun, too!

The teachers at my school put plenty of time and effort into their costumes and we usually think of a theme for each year level (the competition is friendly but fierce! Check out the others themes on my school’s Facebook page!) This year, the prep teachers decided to be Lego characters, since there are soooooo many Lego books around at the moment, and the Lego Movie has increased the Lego craze.

I decided to stick with the characters of my childhood and made a ‘Spacedude’ outfit. Here’s my first design .


I ditched the first head and instead paper mâchéd a bucket to make it a bit rounder and more helmet-y.


Gotta have chunky Lego feet too!


At first Megan wanted to be Alice in Wonderland, but then switched to Angelina Ballerina. Since she had so many ballet related clothes and dress-ups, this was fairly easy to create.

She just needed a tail, ears and a nose…


And voila…!


Notice I’m not looking at the camera?!? I was too concerned with making the Lego face look accurate, that I didn’t actually make it practical! I could barely see a thing! Oh well. Fun for all ;)

I can’t wait for next year when Alex will join in the fun too!


A photo of my children every week, for the whole year.

Megan: trying to earn money by cleaning the windows and dusting.


Alex: has been desperate to wear shorts all winter and today was a cracker of a day, so he could show off his legs! Hopefully Spring is on it’s way.



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