Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’…

As the Daily Post says on this week’s Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’  page…

If you live in the Southern hemisphere, the warmth of summer is part distant memory, part dream for the future.

Last week was bitterly cold here in Melbourne, so it was nice to go searching through some photos of last Summer. I thought of looking for some beach photos that typified an Australian Summer, but changed my mind when I came across these photos of the family playing in the backyard with the humble sprinkler!






Even Mike joined in the fun!

Even Mike joined in the fun!


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Old Habits Die Hard…

We aren’t well off. Far from it. We haven’t exactly been on struggle street but we haven’t been that far off. We’ve needed to keep an incredibly tight reign on our budget and we’ve certainly gone without.

This year, work changes has meant finances are a little freer. We can afford to do things, like go out for dinner- a luxury that we always had to go without.

And now that the tax-man has graced us with a healthy tax return, we can afford to do things around the house that have been put off for soooooo long.

Like painting the walls…in the entire house! The walls haven’t had any love since we built the house 9yrs ago and the builders used a very thin spraying technique so the quality of the finish wasn’t great to begin with.


They‘ say be bold and have fun with colour. If you decide you don’t like the colour choice, just paint over it with something new. But that’s hard to get my head around when we are so used to pinching pennies. It seems like such a waste of money. Especially when we are so used to choosing things carefully to avoid any wastage.

I think if we won a million dollars, I’d still budget and prioritise every last cent to make sure we were getting the most value for money. So these sample pots of paint had better do their job and help us choose definitively!


Sore Eye…

Over the holidays, Megan had a sore eye. Nothing big, but enough to complain about it at least once a day. It got worse though, and at one point she was actually crying because it hurt so much. My grandmother has just been diagnosed with glaucoma (which I’m not sure exactly what that is) so I decided to book her in to the optometrist to check it out.

The trouble was that we had to wait a week for the appointment. Over that week, the pain eased off and Megan stopped mentioning her eye.

When we explained all this to the optometrist, he gave her eyes a thorough look over. Her vision had actually improved since her first check back in January, but he found a ‘rust ring’ in her left eye (the problem one).

It turns out that she had had something stuck in her eye, causing her the pain. It must have blown in by the wind, because she hadn’t been around any breaking rocks or grinding to cause debris.

Now, here is where the parental guilt kicks in. I had a sliver of glass stuck in my eye years ago. The pain became so much that I made Mike take me to the eye hospital after a day. ONE DAY! Megan suffered with this for more than a week!!! Yup, bad mum! I should have known better! I did ask the optometrist if I should have taken her to the doctor to be seen quicker, but he said the doctor wouldn’t have noticed it and just told me to give her pain relief. That made me feel a fraction better.

Anyhoo, the optometrist said that most of the ‘whatever it was’ had fallen out, hence no more pain in the eye. But there was the tiniest of fragments left and he was unwilling to dig it out of a 6yr old’s eye. So he gave us referral to a specialist eye clinic.

We got in surprisingly quickly, first thing Monday morning. The specialist numbed Megan’s eye, got me to keep her head still and he used a needle to scratch the remaining debris out of her eye. She was amazing! Didn’t move a muscle!

She has to go back to the specialist on Thursday for a checkup, but I’m assuming all will be fine and she’ll continue to revel in the attention that ‘seeing an eye specialist at 6yrs old’ will bring!!



A photo of my children every week, for the whole year.

Megan: trying on glasses at the optometrist, waiting for her appointment. Turns out she didn’t need glasses, but did need a visit to the eye specialist to remove some debris that had blown into her eye.


Alex: wanted so desperately to help with our jigsaw puzzle, despite it being really hard…even for us!



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