Eating my own words…

I hate admitting I was wrong…mainly coz it happens so rarely that I’m out of practise!! Lol!!

A few weeks ago I posted about having some ‘me time‘. I wrote that going to the gym doesn’t qualify as me time because it’s bloody hard work!

That hasn’t changed…it IS hard work. But my attitude towards that hard work has changed.

While I still consider having a quiet house, a good book and a cuppa is the ideal me time, going to the gym is running a confident second.

I’ve been going 2-3 times a week for the past 6 weeks and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve tried a few group fitness classes, hoping to find the perfect fit, but intensity or time constraints have crossed several off the list. I’ve settled for the using treadmill to run/walk, an aqua fitness class and also swimming laps in the pool.

The feeling I get from knowing I’m doing the right thing for my health is fantastic, plus I’ve spent so much time in the water, which is really one of my greatest loves! (Don’t worry, the family top that list…just!)

I’ve even managed to push myself towards a personal best distance/time in the pool!


I always used to hate those people who centred their life around working out and thought “That’d never be me”, but the temptation to pop into the gym after work is coming more and more often. A few friends have even thrown the words gym junkie around. Who’d’ve thought they’d be talking about me??!!??!!

Being bold…

Bold is not a word often associated with me. Being bold is synonymous with taking risks, and anyone who knows me, knows I’m the planner of every possible outcome before stepping in to anything.

Recently, I wrote about buying paint to spruce our house up a bit.

Mike started on the hallway, bathroom, toilet and the kids rooms, and last weekend we finished the ultimate bold feature wall in Megan’s room. She wanted a rainbow…and that’s exactly what she got!

This is the ultimate boldness in my eyes, so much further ‘out there’ than usual for me! Intense colour that could have gone badly wrong!

The kids even helped out which also could have been disastrous, but they loved being included!


Of course we had to make the bookcase match too!


The main thing is that Megan loves it, and I hope she does for many years to come because it’ll be a pain to sand back and paint over with a new level of boldness!


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