Sore Eye…

Over the holidays, Megan had a sore eye. Nothing big, but enough to complain about it at least once a day. It got worse though, and at one point she was actually crying because it hurt so much. My grandmother has just been diagnosed with glaucoma (which I’m not sure exactly what that is) so I decided to book her in to the optometrist to check it out.

The trouble was that we had to wait a week for the appointment. Over that week, the pain eased off and Megan stopped mentioning her eye.

When we explained all this to the optometrist, he gave her eyes a thorough look over. Her vision had actually improved since her first check back in January, but he found a ‘rust ring’ in her left eye (the problem one).

It turns out that she had had something stuck in her eye, causing her the pain. It must have blown in by the wind, because she hadn’t been around any breaking rocks or grinding to cause debris.

Now, here is where the parental guilt kicks in. I had a sliver of glass stuck in my eye years ago. The pain became so much that I made Mike take me to the eye hospital after a day. ONE DAY! Megan suffered with this for more than a week!!! Yup, bad mum! I should have known better! I did ask the optometrist if I should have taken her to the doctor to be seen quicker, but he said the doctor wouldn’t have noticed it and just told me to give her pain relief. That made me feel a fraction better.

Anyhoo, the optometrist said that most of the ‘whatever it was’ had fallen out, hence no more pain in the eye. But there was the tiniest of fragments left and he was unwilling to dig it out of a 6yr old’s eye. So he gave us referral to a specialist eye clinic.

We got in surprisingly quickly, first thing Monday morning. The specialist numbed Megan’s eye, got me to keep her head still and he used a needle to scratch the remaining debris out of her eye. She was amazing! Didn’t move a muscle!

She has to go back to the specialist on Thursday for a checkup, but I’m assuming all will be fine and she’ll continue to revel in the attention that ‘seeing an eye specialist at 6yrs old’ will bring!!


Miss Feisty-Pants…

Back in Uni, I remember a Human Development class that explained that most little girls idolised their mums until about the age of 6, at which time they realised that Dad was pretty fabulous and he became the parental hero.

The shift from being the ‘can’t do anything wrong‘ parent began even before Megan turned 6. It coincided with starting school, when her teacher became the all-seeing, all-knowing Wonder Woman.

I’m not upset (very much!) that I am no longer Perfect-Mum in my little girls’ eyes. But I am surprised at how this change is manifesting in Megan. It’s like she turned teenager when she clicked from 5 to 6. Foot-stamping, dirty looks, “It’s not fair!” and bouts of silent treatment are coming from my previously angelic child.

Disappointing things that she normally just accepted are now being questioned and voiced…loudly! Don’t get me wrong, I love that Megan is growing up and finding her opinions and convictions, I just didn’t expect them so soon or so suddenly!

If this is 6yrs old, what will she be like at 10….or 14???


Project 52: A photo of my children every week, for the whole year.

I can’t put a good book down and have been known to read well into the wee hours of the night- making for a sore head and eyes in the morning. I’m not sure if I’m proud or worried that Megan seems to have inherited my late night reading habits!




I was lamenting that I never got to cuddle the kids to sleep anymore. Then that night Alex had trouble falling asleep and I got my wish!











Me Time…

‘Me Time’ is a very popular concept in the ‘mummy’ world at the moment. Everywhere you look, someone is telling mums that they need some time for themselves, away from the demands of parenting.

For some reason, going to the gym is the most common ‘taking time for yourself’ idea. I joined the gym this week in an attempt to tackle weight loss, a lower back injury and general un-fit-ness (if that’s not a word, I’m making it one!)

But I certainly don’t consider sweating and exercising my muscles to the point of exhaustion to be ‘me time’. Going to the gym is important for me at the moment, but it’s work- not relaxation. I have to make an effort to schedule gym classes in, and then maintain the motivation to actually turn up. This is not ‘me time’.

‘Me time’ shouldn’t need motivation. It needs to be an activity that always, reliably gives you pure pleasure or relaxation. I guess the gym does that for some people-not me!

I’ve had lots of ‘me time’ over these past two weeks of school holidays. I’ve had to fight for it and have been frequently interrupted, but I’ve loved it. What’s my version of ‘me time’?20140711-083144-30704772.jpg

I’ve had my head stuck in a series of 5 books. Getting totally sucked into characters and their worlds and not wanting to do anything else but get back to my book. That’s my idea of pure pleasure and relaxation.20140711-083156-30716272.jpg

What do you consider as ‘me time’?



(One of my rules for this blog is to only include my own photos, but reading deserves an exception!)




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